Small Animal Feeders

Top Small Animal Accessories for Your Pet

Small animals are a lot of fun. They are adorable and cuddly and can be very entertaining to watch. And there are so many small animal accessories that can enhance all of those traits.

At Fur-Babies R Us!, we love the little guys and carry some of the top small animal accessories for you to enjoy. Some of them include the following:

Pet Pooch Pouch T-Shirt Carrier

Love carrying your small animal around with you? This T-shirt carrier gives you the opportunity to do just that. It’s comfortable and secure for both you and your fur baby.

Leashes and Harnesses

We provide leashes and harnesses that fit everything from small dogs to hamsters and lizards.

Small Animal Feeders

Feed your babies with a feeder that provides the right amount of food in the safest way possible. From hanging bowls for hamsters to food balls for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other tiny guys, we have small animal feeders for everyone’s needs.

Small Pet Hideaways

Have a fur baby that loves to hide? We have cozy huts that will do the trick.


We also carry parrot hammocks, hamster wheels, potty supplies, and more. No matter your needs, we have small animal accessories for you.

Take a look at our inventory to find the best fun and safe products for your little guy or gal. If you have any questions or need assistance, please let us know.

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