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How to Choose the Best Large Animal Supplies

The word “large” when describing pets means different things to different people as it is often relative to their own opinions. Typically, though, a dog over 50 pounds is considered a large breed. Regardless, whether you have a large dog or a horse, you need large animal supplies to suit those needs.

On a basic level, your pet needs the same supplies as small animals: Food and shelter. The type of pet food you get will depend first and foremost on the type of pet you have. In short, your horse should not eat dog food. If you are uncertain of what to feed your pet, consult a vet.

Next, the food should go by size. Most pet food, such as dog food, will specify the amount of food to feed according to their weight. Going by this information is the best way to ensure your pet is getting the right amount of food and maintain a healthy weight.

Be sure to choose a food bowl whose size is in line with the amount of food you give. Often, when pet owners know they will be away for most of the day, they overfill the food bowl.

While it’s an understandable practice, it can also encourage overeating. A much better option is to use our automatic feeder. You can set the amount of food to give and the time to give it.

Water is quite different. Like humans, it is important to keep your pet hydrated. Automatic water dispensers are a great way to do this. They provide a large supply of water that your pet can return to throughout the day.

The shelter and bedding you provide will depend on the type of pet you have. For example, a horse will need a different shelter than a large indoor dog. The most important thing with shelter and bedding- both indoor and out- is that it remains dry and that it is large enough for comfort.

When purchasing in-store or online pet supplies, such as leashes and collars, be sure to pay attention to the weight limits. You want to ensure you get the best option for your pet. Otherwise, they could easily break the item or worse.

At Fur-Babies R Us!, we strive to offer the best online pet supplies for animals of all sizes. If you have any questions or need additional help in choosing the best products for your large animal, reach out to us. We are happy to help in any way we can.

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